What Is The Lost Book of Remedies?

The Lost Book Remedies is a powerful book on natural healing solutions for the modern age. In this day and age, where people are so dependent on injections and tablets to stay healthy, this guide takes us back to the natural treatments that have been passed down.

People have actually frequently ignored the healing powers of mother nature in favor of contemporary medicine & techniques. That’s not to state that modern medicine isn’t effective, however the issue with consuming drugs, tablets and injections is that it frequently leaves you with negative effects or triggers you to become based on them after extended usage.

Standard healing methods that make usage of natural herbs and ingredients do not develop that dependence and in truth are able to increase your overall health and as a whole.

The reason it’s titled “The Lost Book” is because a lot of these techniques have actually been forgotten with the increase of modern science. The herbs, treatments and components that were utilized are also not as extensive and typical as they were in the past. This book is not just acts as a guide to better general health, however likewise as a way of preserving these important natural recovery methods that have been shown over time.

With over 300 pages of effective natural cures that have nursed numerous of others back to terrific health conditions, the Lost Book of Remedies was written by a qualified physician and herbalist who has a burning passion to keep the tricks of these treatments alive.

It contains some of the most extraordinary remedies and treatments that I have actually come across.


Who is Author Dr. Nicole Apelian?

Dr. Nicole Apelian is a qualified doctor, herbalist and survival professional with a strong enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge of plants and natural recovery techniques with the rest of the world. She graduated from McGill University, completed her Masters at University of Oregon and PhD at Prescott College, Arizona.

In 2015, she even took part in second season of the History Channel’s TELEVISION show “Alone”. She endured for 57 days directly on her own in the wild, putting her survival abilities and understanding of natural plants.


What’s Inside the Book?

The Lost Book of Remedies is well structured and simple to read. The chapters have been organized based on the kind of active ingredient, treatment and herb so you can quickly read the table of contents and skip to whichever page you desire.

Think of it as your grand repository of treatments for different disorders. When I initially got it I was overwhelmed by all the different types of herbs.

You’ll find out exactly how to apply which herbs to enhance numerous areas of your life. There’s really a huge sea of info here. From spices that can make your food taste better, reliable ways to cleanse your body, to even how to create your extremely own yard garden of remedies. And naturally what you find out might also offer you the necessary survival skills in case the requirement ever emerges.

Is This Book Appropriate for Beginners?



You do not require any strong knowledge of herbs to begin. As pointed out, my understanding in the matter was truly primary at best but since the guide was so clearly worded and concise– even an individual without any experience like me might comprehend.

Once I get my hands on them, I liked it so much that now I’m on my way to growing my own backyard garden with a few of these plants! No more relying on others for access to these herbs, I’m going to create my own source.

When you purchase the book, there are also rewards that come together.

  • The 80 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard.
  • The Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook.

Who Is the Lost Book of Remedies For?

This book works excellent whether you are struggling with some form of health obstacle or you just wish to improve your basic health. You do not need to be suffering from any type of illness or disorder – in fact avoidance is constantly better than treatment!

Essential: Do note that if you are currently under prescription, it is guidance that you continue to follow your physician’s directions and use the solutions in this book only as a supplement to your current treatment.

According to the author, the effective solutions are best for:

  • Individuals with autoimmune disorders.
  • Individuals who have been taking tablets for a long period of time however see little impact or signs of cure.
  • Anybody who is tired of the adverse effects of drugs.
  • If you can’t manage or do not wish to pay thousands of dollars to Huge Pharma.
  • To prepare for any unforeseen health crisis.
  • Individuals who desire live a much healthier life and enhance overall body constitution.

Should You Get The Lost Book of Remedies?

It’s a great book with lots of solutions and contents, but will you actually utilize it? Let’s take a better take a look at the pros and cons to assist your choice.


Contains a wealth of info that you can return to at any time.
Bonus presents: “The 80 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Backyard” & “The Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook”.
Written and recorded by a licensed medical professional and professional herbalist.
Natural solutions that work and don’t have any negative effects.
The book is well-structured with clear, concise language making it exceptionally easy to read and comprehend.
It’s truly affordable.
Readily available in both digital and physical copy (physical copies will have extra $8.99 shipping fee).
60-day cash back warranty (buy it, try it then decide if you desire to spend for it!).



It’s not a wonderful treatment, you’ll need to put in some effort to check out the guide then follow the directions.
The treatments may time some time to work however typically have long term advantages.
The 2 bonus offer gifts are only offered in digital formats (well I just downloaded them and printed them out anyway).

In fact, I didn’t end up checking out the entire book. The excellent thing is that it’s extremely nicely organized, and I enjoy having it around simply so I can look at a solution whenever the need shows up or simply get some concepts from it.

Does It Actually Work?

Similar to all natural solutions, the treatments require time and need a little bit of perseverance. Don’t expect to be quickly cured the minute you experiment with among the solutions!

What I particular enjoy about them is the fantastic feeling of no negative effects like those I got when utilizing regular medicine (like drowsiness, headaches, etc). Make certain you do follow the guide and study the contents carefully before trying it out on your own.

A little disclaimer, I just wished to say that this book isn’t a wonderful cure for all of your health problems and disease. If you’re presently on prescription it would be best to continue with your doctor’s guidance because he has a lot more context as to your complete medical condition.

Think of the guide as a supplement to your present that can help to speed up your healing process. In many cases it might have the ability to completely cure your ailments and some treatments may assist to minimize any discomfort or discomfort.



Overall the book is a tremendous read and will open your eyes to a whole brand-new world of natural recovery and much better health without those annoying adverse effects from prolonged drug usage. If you like gardening and growing your own herbs then you’re definitely gon na enjoy this cool little package.

Oh and the finest part I forgot to discuss is that you have a 60 day money-back warranty so it’s really almost risk-free (which was what pressed me buy it and inspect it our for myself). If you remain in any method unsatisfied with the item, simply request a refund and you’ll get your cash back– sweet right?

The factor it’s titled “the Lost Book” is because so many of these methods have actually been forgotten with the rise of modern science. The herbs, treatments and ingredients that were utilized are likewise not as widespread and typical as they were in the past. From spices that can make your food taste better, reliable ways to cleanse your body, to even how to develop your very own yard garden of remedies. I’ll be honest, I didn’t finish checking out the entire book. The excellent thing is that it’s really nicely organized, and I love having it around simply so I can look at a solution whenever the need arrives or just get some concepts from it.

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